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Specality Classes


Advanced Diver

Learn more than what you get in a basic course, know more why and how things are done and work on your skills to be smoother and more comfortable in the water.


Photography & Videography

Put up on Instagram more than just a selfie, show them a world only you can reach.  Learn to take underwater photos and film this amazing world.


Rescue Diver/CPR/First Aid

Learn to be a rescue diver, know CPR and First Aid as it is needed for diving.  Become the person who helps and your others in an emergency.  Know how to rescue yourself as well.


Under Water Navagation

GPS does not work that well under water, learn to navigate from one amazing location to another with never having to surface and look around. Learn to guide yourself and others under the sea.


Deep Diver

Go where few dare to tread, go where even sunlight has trouble reaching.  Learn to dive deep and see things no regular diver has seen.  Go were few have dived and see an untouched environment.


Spear Fishing

Learn the skills and knowledge needed to spearfish under the sea.  Learn how to hunt in an environment where you are not the apex predator.

There are many more classes such as Nitrox, Mixed Gasses, Cave Diving and the list goes on. Ask for what you want to learn.

Are you ready to get started?

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