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Concierge Scuba Diving Lessons

Get that extra with concierge dive lessons.  Go beyond the normal beginner course.  With concierge dive lessons you do your check out dives in the ocean.  Also an introduction to Nitrox, oxygen mixed gas.  Time is taken to develop your control of buoyancy while underwater.

For beginners or those already certified, learn on your schedule, at your pace, and in a one-on-one or you own selective small group of friends/family.

Learn more than just what is required, learn in a one-on-one as a group of friends or with family, learn on your schedule and at your pace

About Us

Concierge scuba diving lessons was an idea born from years or dive training.  More then just typical dive lessons, concierge scuba diving lessons are meant for those who want more than only the minimum or what is required.  It is for those who desire more knowledge, more in-depth experience, and for those who wish more one-on-one training on their busy schedule.


The instructor for Dive Nevada is fully certified and insured through a global dive certification agency.  The concept behind concierge dive lessons is, to begin with, a strong foundation of knowledge and basic skills.  Each agency has a minimum set of skills and knowledge that a student must adhere too in order to be certified, the Dive Nevada approach is to go above and beyond that level to give the student a must stronger foundation in knowledge and skills.  Work with the student to give the confidence and comfort of operating in the underwater world.

Specialty Classes

Scuba Diving is not just one course or a single set of skills.  After you get your Open Water Certification, which is valid all across the world, there is a whole list of specialty classes that one can take. For example, Advanced Diver, Nitrox Diving, Rescue/CPR/First Aid, Photography & Videography, Wreck Diving, Deep Diving, and the list goes on.

Ready to dive? Ready to learn on you schedule and at your pace? Ready for concierge SCUBA diving lessons?


(Coming Soon!) - Looking for recommendations for books to further discover the underwater realm?

Here is a personalized list of books to further your discovery of the underwater world.

Book 1

Book 2

Book 3

Book 4

Book 5

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